I respect it when municipalities deploy countermeasures to combat a serious issue. Today my respect is directed towards Canton. Why? To combat reckless driving and speeding, Canton Police just announced a speed limit reduction on one of their major thoroughfares between Canton and Collinsville.

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Dowd Avenue/Maple Avenue/Route 565 is the main artery between Rt. 202 in Canton and Collinsville, and it's very tempting to speed to and from Collinsville once you escape the crush of 202 traffic. According to a social media post from the Town of Canton Police Department, they've had enough of your tomfoolery, and have decreased the speed limit on a good portion of Rt. 565.

There has been a speed limit reduction from 30mph to 25mph for both directions of travel on 565/Maple Ave between the Rt. 179 (River Road) intersection and the Mills Lane/Atwater Road intersection. Also, the speed limit has been reduced from 35mph to 25mph for both directions of travel on 565/Maple/Dowd Ave between the Mills Lane/Atwater Road intersection to just East of the East Hill Road area. The new speed limit signs have already been installed, and I'm sure there will be plenty of enforcement on the way in the coming weeks as the speeders adjust to the new regulations.

My wife and I almost purchased a place on Down Avenue in the Canton Village Condominium Complex two years ago, and we noticed the traffic on Dowd Avenue humming by at the time, it did raise concerns for the pedestrians we saw out walking with their children and pets. Nice job Connecticut DOT and Town of Canton.

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