I've always thought that since Candlewood Lake is the largest in Connecticut, it would naturally be the deepest. Nope. Candlewood's average depth is 29.3 feet, and in the midst of this drought? The water is even more shallow in some parts. To find the deepest natural lake in Connecticut, you have to head up to the Northwest corner of the state.

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I definitely have to check my spelling, but it's Lake Wononscopomuc in the Lakeville section of Salisbury. Whew. I did it. More commonly known as Lakeville Lake, at 102 feet maximum depth, it's the deepest natural lake in Connecticut. This is a gorgeous part of our world, close to the tri-state corner of Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts. You were very close to Lakeville Lake if you've been to Lime Rock Park, or right on it if you've stayed at the Interlaken Inn. Next door neighbor The Hotchkiss School has a boathouse and private beach on the South shore of Wononscopomuc.

According to the Lake Wononscopomuc Association, the depth makes Lakeville Lake on of Connecticut's premiere fishing destinations. The largest Lake Trout ever caught in Connecticut, over 29 pounds, was caught there in 1918, a record that still stands. The State also stocks Lakeville Lake. It's important to note that boat motors are limited to 10HP or less, and there is no ski or other floatation towing allowed. Unlike Candlewood Lake, where I see someone shame-posting a fast boater in the no-wake areas every day lately.

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