Have you ever gone for a swim in Candlewood Lake and been surrounded by milfoil, or as some call it, seaweed?

Ever since I can remember, Eurasian watermilfoil has been a royal pain in the butt for boaters, swimmers, and lake owners, FirstLight Power Resources. Some years the menacing milfoil seems to be everywhere throughout the lake. The summer of 2017 was one of those years but last year, not so much.

Candlewood Lake - Ethan Photo
Candlewood Lake - Ethan Photo

After several more sterile grass carp were added to Candlewood, they began their munch down and the situation improved in time for the summer of 2018. According to a recent article in the NewsTimes, scientists who study this invasive plant are unsure what the arctic cold snap coupled by rising temps in the '50s and '60s could mean for the plants return during the summer of 2019.

The reason for the lake drawdown every winter is so the plants can be exposed and killed by the freezing temperatures. Former Candlewood Lake Authority director Larry Marsicano who is now a consultant for the lake authority told the NewsTimes that the plants died when the temperature remained at 23° for 24 to 48 straight hours. The bottom line is we won't know about the growth of the milfoil for the 2019 boating season until mid-summer. We'll just have to wait and see.

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