I know, this is my 14th blog in 2018 about one of my favorite passions, Candlewood Lake.

To make boating fun for everyone on Candlewood, there are a just a couple of suggestions I'd like to pass along to boaters out for a good time on this 2018 Labor Day Weekend.

1. Cool It With the Wake:  I was recently called on this one myself from a waterfront homeowner who lives in Bogus Hill. I think he was half in the bag but he had a good point. During a major holiday weekend, Candlewood Lake tends to get mighty crowded during the day. Lake waters tend to get choppy and there's an excellent chance my gin and tonic might get spilled if you go flying by my pontoon going 40mph showing off your 250 hp Yamaha 25" shaft 4 stroke outboard! On a busy lake day, slow the f**k down already!

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2. I Really Don't Enjoy Your Music Selection: "Hey youngblood! I know I'm a geezer, but not everyone on the lake enjoys your dance party tunes featuring Cardi B, Drake, Calvin Harris, and Nicki Jam played at max volume! How would you like it if I cruised on by cranking 'Moonshadow' by Cat Stevens followed up by 'Baby I'm a Want You' by Bread?" Enough said!

3. Booze On The Boat: This summer the Candlewood Lake Patrol has been cracking down on the consumption of alcohol especially the individuals piloting the watercraft. Mindy and I actually witnessed the Lake Patrol remove three young men from a boat and then transported them back to the docks at New Fairfield Town Park.

4.   Take the Tubing Off-Road: If you're out pulling your kid(s) around Candlewood Lake on a tube Saturday or Sunday afternoons when the lake is packed, I offer this advice. Stay out of the thoroughfares or main travel channels on the lake and look for a quieter less populated area

If you have any questions about Candlewood Lake, feel free to contact, 'The Candlewood Lake Authority.' Have a fun but safe Labor Day Weekend!




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