I don't know much about Cyanobacteria, but I do know that in some forms, it's bad. It's bad when you hear it that it's "blooming" and called by its common name - Blue-Green Algae. Candlewood Lake Authority has just issued a warning for our pets and kids to stay away from a bloom right now.

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According to the Candlewood Lake Authority's post on social media, there is a large Blue-Green Algae bloom occurring in many parts of the lake, and it's thriving right now due to our warmer weather and steadier strong wind gusts. The CLA places part of the blame for the bloom on the lack of plant material on the bottom of the lake, which could possibly be fueling the outbreak. The CLA does expect the blooms to die off as the cold temps overtake us, but in the meantime, they suggest you keep your kids and pets away from any bloom in the lake, and especially prevent them from drinking any of the water.

Not all Blue-Green Algae blooms are toxic, but some produce toxins or poisons. According to the State of Washington, in their toxic form, blue-green algae can cause illness in humans, pets, and livestock. Toxic blooms can kill pets and livestock if they drink the water, and humans can be sickened by neurotoxins and hepatoxins.

Most of the social media commenters on the CLA's Facebook post mention something along the lines of "This is what happens when you remove the weeds". Don't drink the cloudy water.

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