Republican candidate for Mayor of Danbury, Dean Esposito joined the Ethan and Lou Show on Thursday (7/21/21) to clear up confusion about where he lives.

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We asked Dean about an article that appeared in the News Times that he believes may have caused confusion about his living situation and this is how Esposito responded (Full interview in video player above):

"I appreciate the opportunity to speak about that headline because it was a little disturbing for me obviously.

You know, I did my announcement a month or so back and indicated that I was living in Brookfield, we were downsizing, I'm an empty nester, my wife and I, and I made arrangements to live in Danbury, I live in Danbury.

The headlines were a little bit misleading, we own property in Brookfield still obviously. We are sprucing it up a little bit and now it's a sellers market, so we are looking at that."

Later Esposito went on to say:

"I gotta tell you,  it's a little upsetting because, you know to run in Danbury you don't have to live there but I definitely do and, you know I want to give the people a secure feeling that I'm truly, 100% committed to this run and I live in Danbury."

After speaking about the caucus which takes place tonight, we thanked Dean for joining the show and he once again said:
"It was definitely a misleading headline and I just wanted to get it cleared up as well, in my final statement, I do live in Danbury."

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