I love stuffed peppers. Give me a jar full of hot cherry peppers stuffed with provolone and prosciutto and I'll inhale it right now. Stuffed Italian long hots? Yes, please. I want more.

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I found the beautiful 7 Layer stuffed peppers that you see in the photo above in Cleveland, Ohio a couple of years ago. There, among more beef and chicken products that I've ever seen, were these beauties. I've been looking for them around Connecticut ever since. I've come close a couple of times, in local supermarkets.

Highland Park Market in Manchester, Glastonbury, and Farmington had/has something like these in their deli, as did Town Plot IGA (RIP)in Waterbury. You can find basic stuffed peppers everywhere, Stouffer's makes them, they're in the frozen section. I want beyond basic chefs making them. Inventive stuffed peppers. We've gone beyond on all other foods, now it's the stuffed pepper's time. I want to try these made by the hands of our true experts in Connecticut: our wonderful Deli's. I'd love to see a Noochie's 7 layer stuffed pepper, they already make my favorite stuffed hot cherry and long hots. How about a Naugatuck-inspired stuffed pepper in the deli case at Nardelli's? A 'Classic Mix' stuffed pepper? Maybe not.

What should we fill a Connecticut 7 layer stuffed pepper with? Pepe's/Modern/Sally's pizza, a Ted's steamed cheeseburger, oysters, essence of Subaru, a pinch of tax, Yard Goat, and a warm butter lobster roll, no mayo you savage.

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