Let me give you some simple advice. Texting while driving is a dumb-ass move and could get you killed. Texting while driving as you're allegedly transporting a moderate supply of cocaine, mushrooms, LSD, and marijuana could definitely get you arrested.

According to the Wilton Police Department that's exactly what reportedly happened when Jesse Pomponio from Watertown, Massachusetts was driving along Route 7 in Wilton and was pulled over for allegedly driving-while-texting. Wilton police said they smelled the pungent odor of marijuana in Pomponio's car, which led them to search the vehicle. Police said these are the drugs they found.

Photo Credit - Wilton Police FB Page
Photo Credit - Wilton Police FB Page
  • $13,700 in cash
  • 5.5 pounds of cannabis
  • An undisclosed amount of LSD
  • 17 grams of mind-bending mushrooms
  • 50 grams of Coke

Jesse now faces a series of charges for the sale and possession of drugs and paraphernalia and is being held on $100,000 bond. What lesson have we learned here? DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE!

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