If all that stands between you and that sweet pair of $99 earmuffs you've been eyeing since last Christmas is the $6+ Connecticut sales tax, August 20 - 26, 2023 are your days, tender ears.

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That's the week where Connecticut's 23rd Tax Free Week is happening, where you can purchase certain items of clothing under $100, without paying the sales tax to the state. Connecticut Tax Free week was an even bigger score in the early 2000's, when the exemption used to apply to most clothing and shoes up to $300. It was a really big deal at the time, and I remember the flood of multiple-kid families flowing into every clothing retailer cleaning out the sneaker section like a cloud of locusts.

in 2023, for CT's 23rd Tax Free Week, we're capped at select items $100 or less. I took a look through the CT Tax Free Week portal at CT.gov, and if you're a cheap, unusual clothing collector, you're in luck. Beyond the obvious of sneakers and athletic clothing, this is the week to stock up on your golf gear. Golf dresses and skirts, jackets and shirts are all exempt. It gets better - Square Dancing Clothes, ponchos and rain jackets, garters, robes, slippers, and wedding gowns and veils are all tax free if they're under $100.

The bad news? Even if it's under $100, safety apparel items, specialized sports boots and shoes, roller skates, martial arts attire, and damn you Connecticut, lobster bibs, are still taxable. Check out the CT Tax Free Week Portal at CT.gov if you want more info.

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