Everywhere I turn, I feel like there are bunnies running around.

I don't think this is a bad thing at all because they are so cute, but there are so many that it made me start thinking about it. At home, I have a few bunnies in my yard currently, when I go to friends houses, they have bunnies in theirs too. When I walk my normal trails, bunnies. There are just so many.

It's definitely normal to have a few here and there, but for it to catch my attention means there's a lot more than their usually is. So, of course I had to take it to the internet to see what is going on this summer.

Is there an abundance of bunnies in Connecticut right now?

Well, it's a possibility. I hopped on Google to see what I can find. According to the Berry Patch Farms, rabbit mating season takes place between February and September. It is currently peak season for their mating cycle, according to News Now. And since there was a mild winter, they were able to start breeding earlier than normal.

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Bunnies can produce 5-12 in their litters and females can breed up to seven times per season. Wow! That is a lot of bunnies. When I googled what was going on, it said there were a few different reasons why there could be so many bunnies right now - weather, food supply and predators.

So while I don't have my official answer if there's an actual bunny boom going on, I would like to say that yes, there is. Like I said, I'm not complaining. They are so cute and don't bother me at all. Have you noticed a huge uptick in bunnies?

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