They put the sign up, the windows are still blacked out, workers are still lugging in boxes of metal shelving, and we still jump at any signs of life at the new Amazon Fresh building on Candlewood Lake Road in Brookfield. Want to work there?

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Social media groups are buzzing from posts from so many different sources, over time I saw questions like: Is it a Trader Joe's? A Caraluzzi's? A secret Stew Leonard project? I got a sneak peak at the interior of the place when I stopped at Bagelman in the Candlewood Lake Plaza, it looks really nice inside, like the newer Whole Foods that is in Avon.

And now, according to Greg Dembowski, from the Economic Development Office in the Town of Brookfield, (Thank you sir) Amazon Fresh is now hiring. In a Facebook post on the Brookfield, CT Economic and Development page, Amazon Fresh and the Amazon Development team have announced that they have issued announcements for the Store Manager, Assistant Manager, and Zone Leads positions. If you plan to apply, know that these roles require some supervision of associate-level staff.

Amazon Fresh will soon be posting announcements for Store Associates. Tomorrow, June 10, 2022, they will post an announcement for the Overnight shift. On July 20, 2022, the remaining Associate openings will be posted, which will include: Dayside Grocery, Dayside Meat, Seafood and Produce, Dayside Prepared Foods, Dayside Flex, ON Grocery, ON FSA, and ON Kitchen.

If you're interested in any of the positions, visit, and search "Brookfield" for more information. Good luck.

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