As I was picking up a delicious Eggplant Panini from the Brookfield Bagelman on Candlewood Lake Road a few minutes ago (Thanks for rocking the station guys!), I waddled past the shiny new Amazon Fresh store and got a few pics. It's not days away from opening as many have portrayed, but it's very close.

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After over a year of secrecy and waiting, it seems as though the Bezos Empire is very close to unleashing the 'Candlewood Lake Plaza parking lot destroyer' on us. That's what it's been dubbed on Brookfield social media groups anyway. "Oh my God, what about the lines at CVS?" and "terrible location" are the sentiments that I've seen expressed repeatedly. I also see optimism, like I feel about it. I can't wait to shop there, I've been a Prime member since the get-go, and I've dreamed about cashless/cashier-less shopping for a long time.

Anyway, I caught a couple of glimpses of the interior of the store, which is still completely blocked off from public view, but, hey, the door was cracked open, and I was on the sidewalk just passing by. Take a peek.

Progress Continues at Brookfield's Amazon Fresh

We've been watching for over a year Amazon, you've finally shown your sign, and I got a sneak peek into your store.

For those of you worried about parking, keep in mind, this is grocery store V4.0, with no checkout lines and no cashiers, there will be incredibly quick turnover in that parking lot. Yes, there will be a lot more volume, maybe? You've had years of practice in the tricky parking lots of nearby Stew Leonard's and Trader Joe's on Mill Plain, you got this.

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