We've been reporting for awhile that the new Amazon Fresh store would be opening in Brookfield, but that was before all the supply chain issues.

They had slatted the new Amazon Fresh store in Brookfield to officially open in September, but the month came and went and so did October, November, December, January, and February, and the store still had not yet opened.

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Meanwhile a funny thing happened on the way to the store's grand opening, supply chain issues which have caused the store to postpone the opening a few times already. Delays in supplies for the actual construction have slowed things down to a crawl as construction crews have had trouble getting materials needed to complete the job, and have the store ready to open.

According to CT Post, Francis Lollie is the town's zoning enforcement officer, and he confirmed the December opening was postponed and now a date closer to Easter, April 17, is what they are shooting for, however there has been no official word from Amazon officials yet.

Brookfield is calling the construction a highly anticipated "new concept" grocery store, and they finally "officially" announced that it is, in fact, Connecticut's first Amazon Fresh store.

Maybe you're asking yourself, what's the big deal? What's so special about Amazon Fresh compared to Stop & Shop, Shoprite, or Trader Joe's? What's so special is the new tech called Dash Cart.

Amazon Fresh has introduced their Dash Cart, a shopping cart equipped with an interactive screen and sensors that link to your grocery list and track purchases as you place them in your cart. You open the Amazon app on your phone, hold it above a mini scanner beside the screen, and your shopping list pops up. The best part is the location of each item pops up too.

All this will be very exciting once the store actually opens, until then here's a tutorial to show you how this new Dash Cart system works.

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