Pivoting, to help their customers and keep people safe, the Brookfield Sunoco has closed it's doors and opened it's new window. For the time being you can't enter the Federal Road facility but otherwise it's business as usual. This is a smart move, it may make things take a few extra minutes but it's worth it. This keeps the employees safe and limits the number of people touching products on the inside of the store.

I'm a big fan of this place, for starters they are one of the few convenience stores open when I head out for my super early mornings. I was there at 3:05 am today and they were open for business. Second, they are the place I wrote about not long ago that instituted a "no scratching lotto tickets in line" policy. If you don't understand why that's a great policy, you are the reason they instituted it and you're a problematic, selfish individual in general.

Now they put this order window in and they remain progressive in their service of their customers and employees. I'd rather stand in line in open air next to a stranger right now then in an enclosed space. It really was not an inconvenience for me to order the things I needed this morning through the window. I needed gas, smokes, a beverage a gallon of milk and I was paying with a card. They had me in and out in just a few minutes.

We all are going to have to roll with the punches. I'd rather be late and safe than on time and get a serious disease.

P.S. Did you see the gas prices? Not bad, not bad at all.

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