Mike Allen is i95's Former News Director, and back in 1981, he covered a story that would define his career.

A local Brookfield man named Alan Bono was killed that year, the allegations made in the murder trial to follow would terrify locals for years to come.

Mike brought his case file to the Ethan and Lou Show today (October 31) and shared the story exactly how he reported many years ago. No murder is ever a routine case for a reporter, but the circumstances of this case were bizarre and in some cases bone chilling. It's a must-listen. Check it out:

I don't know how Mike covered this story and managed to tell it so effectively and so responsibly. The case is a bit confusing and had so many circus-like elements, it would have been easy to sensationalize. He did it right, it's commendable and now, all these years later, he can be proud of his work. It's obvious the work meant a lot to him and it means a lot to us that he was willing to share it.

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