Camping for Cans is I95's event, our annual food/cash drive to benefit local families in need.

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Every year my colleagues and I head to a local parking lot and camp out for three days collecting non-perishable food and monetary donations on behalf of Hillside Food Outreach. Hillside is an amazing organization that provides meals to thousands of people in the Greater-Danbury area so we are always proud to be their partner.

Lou Milano

Here is the who/what: 

When: Friday November 19, Saturday November 20 and Sunday November 21 - starting at 6 am Friday and going until Sunday afternoon.

Where: The BJ's parking lot at 106 Federal Road, Brookfield, CT.

Who: Ethan Carey, Lou Milano (me), Large Dave, Joey Ech, Melissa Martino and other I95 staff/team members. We also invite our local celebrity friends like Mark Boughton & Christine O'Leary. This year I have big plans to invite them and many others back to join us.

What: We accept non-perishable food items, online donations, cash, and checks made out to the Hillside Food Outreach.

Why: Because it's the right thing to do.

If you are unable to stop by and see the event itself, we will still have an online donation page.

Lou Milano

We cannot do this event or raise tons of money without the help of our amazing sponsors:

  • Savings Bank of Danbury
  • Coca-Cola Beverage Northeast
  • Down the Hatch
  • Novella's Scrapyard
  • Clausthaler non-alcoholic beer
Lou Milano

Special thanks to these wonderful businesses for making sure we're fully equipped all weekend long:

  • BJ's Wholesale in Brookfield
  • Dave's RV
  • Lesser Evil
  • Durkin's Inc. Tent Rentals
  • PJ's Porta Johns
  • Dawn's Pizzazz
Lou Milano

I look forward to this event every year and it's unquestionably the thing I am most proud of. Please join us this year and make a donation, if you are able.

Lou Milano

We don't take one red cent of this money and Hillside Food Outreach puts the food in the hands of families right in our backyard. If you cannot make it down to donate, we will be offering online donations again this year just like last year.

Lou Milano

Did I mention how much fun we have? It's a blast, join us for a blast and a wonderful cause to benefit our neighbors.

Lou Milano

Ethan and I will be there all morning Friday (19th) most of the middle of the day on Saturday (20th) and likely Sunday morning (21st).

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