What do you do if someone or something disappears under the waters of Candlewood Lake?

You call the highly trained dive teams from New Milford, Newtown, or the Brookfield Police Search and Rescue Recovery Dive Team(B.U.R.T). According to the Brookfield PD's Facebook page, the dive team recently returned from Pennsylvania where they completed advanced extensive dive training.

Divers trained at depths between 45 and 90 feet. Candlewood Lake's average depth is 40' but there are sections of the lake where it reaches 90'. Keep in mind that Candlewood Lake is known as a 'low visibility' lake. Lake Lillinonah depths can reach 115'. The Brookfield PD Dive Team are trained to respond to any kind of underwater emergency to help keep lake goers safe.

In September of 2018, the dive team held a training session in the waters off  Chicken Rock where they found 3 Apple Watches in 15' of water which were returned to their owners in working order.

Credit - Ethan Carey

The Brookfield Police Department Dive Team are trained in underwater investigation, ice diving, dry suit operations, open water diving, rescue diving II, and swift water operations.