It's coming to a Lake near you this summer -- it's the Brookfield Fire Department Candlewood Company's new Marine 25 fire/rescue boat.

The old marine 25 has been sold to make room for this new state of the art vessel. According to Candelwood Company , the new Marine 25 is being built in Wisconsin, and when it arrives, it will be docked on Candlewood Lake during the boating season. When needed, it will be able to respond to emergencies on Candlewood Lake or on Lake Lillinonah.

Some of the new features of the boat will be the bow gate on the front, which will allow direct access to the waterline to make it much easier to do a water rescue. The new boat will also have the space to have a patient on the deck, which will give EMS personnel the ability to work around them. Under the deck, there will be a fire pump, which will be used to fight boat, forest and house fires on the islands and the surrounding shore.

So when can we expect to see the new Marine 25 in action?

Candlewood Company is expecting the delivery of the new boat in mid-summer of this year. The fire company has promised updates as the final build gets closer to completion. Here are a few pictures for a closer look at the build and some of the features that will be on the new Marine 25:

The Brookfield Fire Department was able to raise money for the new vessel by fundraising efforts of Candlewood Company, the Town of Brookfield, and by a grant from FirstLight.

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