According to Brookfield First Selectman Steve Dunn, the town is seriously considering adding a Dairy Queen restaurant located at 138 Federal Road, across the street from the Brookfield Shop Rite where a Shell station once stood.

After my conversation with Brookfield's First Selectman, I found out he was a big fan of adding a Brookfield Dairy Queen, and I also discovered that he worked at a factory next to a DQ when he was in his late teens that manufactured bug spray for cows. I kid you not. They used to go over to the DQ for lunch smelling of nasty chemicals. He told me the summer job sucked, but the burgers were outrageous.

The Brookfield Zoning Commission has already addressed a plan for the project. In addition, it has scheduled a date for a public hearing on July 22 at Town Hall, where residents will have the opportunity to look everything over and offer their opinion about the project.

Ice Cream Prices Rising
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How about a quick personal anecdote? Back in the late 60s, when I was growing up in the Rochester, NY, suburb of Fairport, NY, my high school buddies and I would drive to the Rochester DQ on a Saturday night because it was a great place to pick up chicks.

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It was the spring of '69 when I met Sarah at the Rochester DQ. She had big beautiful brown eyes and in front of her sat a "Wonder Woman Cookie Collision Blizzard." She handed me a plastic spoon and shyly said, "Would you like to share this with me?" Of course, I said yes. It was at that moment I knew I was in love.

In love with the creamy taste and texture of the ice cream. Don't even get me started with the small cookie bits concentrated in one small bite at a time. At that moment, I came to terms that my love affair with Dairy Queen had just begun.

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