Legions of people sell things online. The scary thing is the horrible stories that often come about after the fact. Here's what local police department's are doing to help.

The traditional at your home "Tag Sale" has morphed into the land of online sale sites that help you get rid of your unwanted stuff. But sadly we hear way to often about people being assaulted or worse when the in - person purchase occurs.

In the past few years more Connecticut Police Departments have come on board to offer a safe place for residents to make their final transactions of purchases from sites like Craig's List, OfferUp, and more. The Connecticut State Police Barracks throughout the state is one option.

If you buy or sell on any of the online sites there is a great tool you should know about. It's called Safe Trade Stations where they encourage you to do your in person transactions at your local police department. They have a link to all of the departments participating not only in Connecticut, but all across the country, and you can get the info at safetradestations.com

In a story from ctpost.com the Bridgeport Police are the newest to get on board by providing a safe place for people who have made online sales to complete their transaction. The department is creating a space in front of their Congress Street headquarters as a meet up spot for Internet exchanges.

Every body loves a bargain and with out a doubt we all have to much stuff that we frequently want to make some money from while we get rid of it. Better that we all take advantage of safe places to do business whenever we can. Hat's off to the many Connecticut Police Departments helping to make that happen.

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