He rises before the sun and never misses a day greeting commuters at the Brewster Train Station.

His name is George Godfrey, and for the past eight years, he has been a staple at the Brewster Train Station every single morning and afternoon.

George greets his commuter friends daily through rain, snow, sleet, hot or cold. There is one constant that commuters can rely on in Brewster -- a friendly, "Good morning," or "Enjoy your evening," from this 84-year-old former Korean War Veteran.

So why does George do this every single day? According to newyork.cbslocal.com it all started after George's wife died. Instead of sitting home and sulking, he took to the street to help ease his loneliness by greeting commuters one at a time. He's there every morning to wish them well as they start their day, and he returns every afternoon to welcome his commuter friends back home.

He rarely misses a day, and was recently honored with a certificate from the railroad:

He shows that we have a lot of good people here in the world" -  John Kesich, Senior Vice President of Operations for Metro North.

George's story was even featured recently on WCBS-TV News.

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