Brewster High student Axel Britez knew something wasn't right at home. His brother, who was in second grade, was having some serious trouble with remote learning.

This heartwarming story about an older brother helping his younger brother appears on the website Axel, a sophomore at Brewster High, said that because his brother couldn't read at grade level, he couldn't understand most of the directions for his remote assignments. As a result, navigating his Google Classroom without one on one assistance was impossible.

That's when his older brother, Axel, knew he had to find a way to help him learn and understand. You see, Axel is a giver. He enjoys giving back to his community and he loves extracurricular activities. So, after days of brainstorming, Axel came up with a concept called Lecturama, but he was going to need some help.

Brewster High School - Google Instant
Brewster High School - Google Instant

Lecturama is a virtual learning program that provides high school tutors at no cost to help children with their homework in grades 1 through 5, especially for kids whom English is not their first language. He approached Brewster Cares to help with start-up costs and materials, and they gladly came on board.

Not only has his tutoring program Lecturama helped hundreds of young Brewster students; it helped Axel become more disciplined and more outgoing. Axel said, "It was challenging. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into. I'm a timid and reserved person, but Lecturama put me in a position where I had to speak up.”

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Best of all, Lecturama has been able to help kids understand and catch up on their schoolwork. Parents are raving about Axel's idea, saying they see more confidence in the kids. Lecturama also created camaraderie between the tutors and their students which certainly enhances the learning process. Axel Britez and his tutors have made a difference in so many young children's lives. You and your parents should be very proud!

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