When people say Brewster, NY that can means a variety of things. The best way to describe it is, if you are at the train station on Main Street, you are in the Village of Brewster.

If you are at Red Rooster, you are in Southeast but everyone’s mail says Brewster, NY 10509. Still confused? Me too. What’s easily as confusing, is figuring out where to get gas in either of them but that may improve.

Brewster Gas Station Vacant for Years Could Now Be Brought Back to Life

Currently, gassing up in Brewster is a monumental pain in the ass. With a few exceptions, the gas stations in Southeast and the Village of Brewster are at best, inconvenient. The funny part is that most of them have convenience store attached to their name. In both the Village and Southeast the majority of the gas stations are either difficult to pull into or out of. Basically, trying to make a left in this town is impossible. Things may get better soon, thanks to a project that is underway to fix an old gas station. 

Fun Fact: This gas station is the place where I learned that payphones were no more, I should have known sooner. My car broke down not far from the Eagle, this was about 2009.

My cell phone was dead but I remembered that the Eagle had a payphone, I walked to it picked up the receiver and dropped it on the floor. It hit the floor because the wire had been cut because payphones were a thing of the past. They probably were a long gone technology before 2009, that’s just when I Figured it out. Embarrassing? No, I don’t care.

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Construction in Progress at Norm's in Brewster

Norm’s was a bar/restaurant on Route 22 in Brewster, NY that permanently closed its doors in unceremonious fashion in 2013. There are new signs of life, at the site of the once popular bar. 

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