This 16-year-old from Norwalk has his sights set on refurbishing a 1902 rail car.

For the last two years, 16-year-old Sami El-Abid has been diligently working on building a train set in his attic. El-Abid is a Norwalk Boy Scout and is ready to take on a massive project to earn the rank of Eagle Scout according to an article on

To attain that rank, Sami has taken on the monumental task of restoring a 1902 Rutland Railroad flatcar that sits on the tracks at the Danbury Railway Museum. Originally the rail car belonged to Vermont's 'Green Mountain Railroad' and was donated to the museum in 1999.

El-Abid thinks it will take around $5,000 to bring the 1902 flat car back to life so he's started up a GoFundMe page to buy the materials like wood and paint. Once the project is completed, the museum will utilize the refurbished rail car as a learning tool to teach people about the history of the rail industry.

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Danbury Railway Museum
Danbury Railway Museum

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