"They're eating the pumpkins! They're eating the apples! They're raising some hell this year!"

Those are the words of Robert Randall who owns a 60-acre orchard in Standish, Maine and he's not very happy about it. According to a story from AP News, the New England squirrel population are fattening themselves up before winter hits at an astounding rate.

Squirrel roadkill is everywhere. It's like a slalom course of flattened squirrels when I'm driving into work most mornings and many of the little varmints have some kind of foodstuff in their beady little mouths.

So why are we seeing so many squirrels this summer? There was a huge crop of acorns last year but this year, squirrel food supplies are not as plentiful which means these little buggers are out and about grabbing anything they can sink their little squirrel teeth into.

A Squirrel Stands On A Halloween Jack-O'-Lantern
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New Hampshire farmers have reported that squirrels are brazenly raiding corn fields and dragging away ears of corn. Often times a squirrel will only take one bite out of a piece of fruit or a vegetable. It only takes one bite to ruin it for everybody.

The good news is that these pesky bushy tailed food bandits most likely will not cause massive economic destruction. It turns out that this year's squirrels are simply a major pain in the ass for New England's farmers.

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