The CT Mirror posted an editorial piece this morning (Jan. 17) titled, "Connecticut's mistrust of government is well founded." The article was written by Bob Stefanowski, Ned Lamont's former opponent in the race for Governor of Connecticut. In it, he shares a multitude of criticisms regarding Ned Lamont's time in office.

Stefanowski says Ned Lamont lied during a recent radio interview about diverting tax revenue from the special transportation fund to the general fund. He said that during the radio interview, the show took caller questions, and one caller asked why he moved $170 million from transportation to the general fund and Lamont responded by saying:

That’s a myth that gets perpetuated day in and day out and there’s just no truth to it.

Stefanowski says this is no myth, he says it's a fact. Stefanowski also says the budget that Lamont himself signed into law spells the revenue diversion out in black and white. Stefanowski goes on to criticize the entire plan democrats have for Connecticut, and says the raising of taxes will never be a fix for for the money that is owed to the state's employee pension plan. Instead, he says that plans terms and conditions need to be reformed.

My favorite line in the article is this one, as it refers to the lie Stefanowski claims Lamont made on the radio:

If the CEO of a public company made a bold-faced lie to his shareholders on a $170 million issue, he would be fired immediately.  But in Connecticut politics, everyone simply looks the other way.

It was a well written editorial and a welcome read for someone like me who is no fan of Ned "The Head" Lamont. I saw this guy coming from 50 miles away, and he's bad news all the way around for CT. If you don't know about Ned Lamont's flawed judgement, I've written about it a lot in the past. Here are my three favorite hits from Ned's chart topping album called I Hate Connecticut:

The hits just keep on coming. "Needle-Nose" Ned only cares about one agenda: His.

Here is a video from WTNH of a debate between Lamont and Stefanowski during their runs for Governor:

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