Some of us just weren't made to follow the expected norm into adulthood: Graduate high school, go to college, and then work at a normal job forever.

In many homes across the country, the expectations about finishing high school, going off to college, and landing a job are the normal expectations of most moms and dads. There are kids growing up who either aren't able to or choose not to follow the wishes of their parents. My son EJ is a prime example. His chosen field has been to be a professional musician and mobile DJ entertainer.

For those of you still searching for that spark of passion that will make your grownup years not only financially rewarding but also might bring you happiness, take a look at what my backbreaking 30 minutes of research has uncovered. You just might be surprised!

Some Offbeat Job Possibilities

  1. Professional Cuddler - Samantha Hess from Portland, Maine started up her own business called, 'Cuddle Up to Me' in 2012 where she charges $60 an hour to simply cuddle. What she offers may not be what you think. Check out her website at 
  2. Alcohol Taster - Occasionally you can find odd jobs on Craigslist like this one, 'Earn Up to $1,000 for Drinking Alcohol.' This job includes a physical exam and free parking! You can't beat that!
  3. Dare Devil Midget WantedTo be honest, for those who might qualify for this job opportunity, the job was listed back in September of 2011 in Arizona. The dude advertising the job was shooting a YouTube video and needed a little person dressed up in a scuba suit.
  4. BRIDESMAID FOR HIRE - That's correct ladies, you can actually hire professional bridesmaids. According to Business Insider, Jen Glantz posted an ad on Craigslist looking for bridesmaids and received over 250 replies so she decided to start up, 'Bridesmaid for Hire.' 
  5. Wanted - Babysitter for DruggiesThis ad appeared on Craigslist in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2009. A couple who love to experiment with recreational chemicals needed someone to bring them munchies because they weren't able to go out while coming down. This was not an ad for a kid babysitter thank God!

There are some bizarre job listings and items for sale on Craigslist. What makes for excellent reading are the 'personals.' Click this link and enjoy the freak-fest.




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