Did you know that the State of Connecticut has a list of all of the movies, tv, shows, and videos that were produced in our state? As I was scrolling through the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development's list, I was surprised to find out that one of my favorite Billy Joel song's music video was shot in Middletown?

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The music video for Billy Joel's classic song 'The River of Dreams' was shot right here in Connecticut in 1993. It was directed by Andy Morahan, and it features several scenes shot on and around the Connecticut River.

Remember that video? God, I always imagined that he was singing about a river in the Midwest or South, the Mighty Mississippi or a lazy river running through Savannah, Georgia. Nope, those scenes were shot right near the former America's Cup restaurant, the Arrigoni Bridge, and the dreaded 66/Rt. 9 intersection.

According to wikipedia.com, portions of the video were shot on the Glastonbury-Rocky Hill Ferry, the shot with Billy and his backup singers was shot on the Western span of the Providence and Worcester Railroad Bridge, and that's the Connecticut River behind them. Scenes were also shot along the river in Portland, East Haddam, and Old Saybrook. The scenes with Billy on his piano were shot in an tobacco barn in South Glastonbury. You can also see Christy Brinkley painting the artwork that was actually used for 'The River of Dreams' LP cover.

Now all I'm going to think about when I hear that song is "I go walkin' in the..I go walkin' in the Middle of Eli Cannon's..."

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