A new proposal seeks to split New York State into three different regions.

According to News 10, a New York State Assemblyman is seeking to split New York State in three different ways. David DiPietro introduced a bill in Albany to split New York into three different regions. The regions would be a New York region, a Montauk region, and a New Amsterdam region.

The New York region would consist of the Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens, and Richmond counties, according to News 10. The Montauk region would include Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, and Westchester counties. The New Amsterdam region would consist of every county north of Westchester County.

News 10 reports that Assemblyman DiPietro says each region would elect their own governor, legislature, and judicial wing. However, for federal purposes, New York would still remain as one state. According to the full bill listed on the New York State Assembly website, the justification for the bill is because a one size fits all government does not work for New York State because of its diversity and size.

Under this proposal, the Hudson Valley region would be part of the same region as the rest of upstate and Western New York, as stated by the guidelines reported by News 10. For example, Buffalo and Potsdam would be in the same region as the Hudson Valley and the same regional government would legislate over the entire New Amsterdam region.

The full bill can be found on the New York State Assembly website.

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