Do you think the name of the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge should be changed back to the Tappan Zee Bridge?

Rockland County lawmaker Mike Lawler told the Daily Voice, "It's clear that we must restore the bridge's original, historical name."  Lawler has introduced legislation to change the name of the bridge back to the Tappan Zee.

The area's history tells the story. The original name of the bridge was derived from the Tappan Native Americans. The Tappan was a Native American tribe who lived on the western bank of the Hudson River. The "Zee" is the Dutch word for sea who were among the first Europeans to settle in the Lower Hudson Valley.

Arrival At Fort Orange
Settlers arrive at Fort Orange, the first permanent Dutch settlement in New Netherland, 1624. Fort Orange was built on the Hudson River's west bank, near where the city of Albany, New York, now stands. (Photo by General Photographic Agency/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
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Lawler also mentioned the allegations of sexual harassment against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, former Governor Mario Cuomo's son. In a recent survey conducted by the Danbury Daily Voice, 81% favor changing the bridge's name back to the Tappan Zee.

In 2018, Dr. Monroe Mann was the dude who started the petition on called, "Return the Cuomo Bridge to Its Original Name: The Tappan Zee. That Bridge is Our History." The following are the words of Dr. Mann that appeared on,

In 30 years, the Indian and Dutch heritage that inspired the naming of the bridge will be gone. And for what? For someone who had NOTHING to do with with EITHER bridge and provided ZERO personal funding for the bridge.

If you would like to sign the petition, click on

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