Money, money, money. How long will it be before you're digging into your wallet again?

Reality is that the infrastructure in Connecticut is in pretty bad shape. Tolls sure don't seem to be a far-fetched idea.

Tolls in Connecticut has been the topic of conversation for years now. Another hurdle appears to have been scaled in tolls moving closer to happening.

According to, the legislature's Transportation Committee is giving their approval to various bills involving electronic tolls on state highways. One bill would allow tolls on Interstates 95, 91 and 84, along with the Merritt Parkway and the Wilbur Cross.

On March 22nd the transportation committee approved highway tolls on paper, which then requires Connecticut's Department of Transportation to plan out how many tolls and how much to charge on the different highways.

As with previous bills it certainly is not a done deal yet. Once the DOT comes up with the plan, lawmakers will have to vote on it again before the tolls will be installed.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know Connecticut's highways are in bad shape, some of the worst in our country, and we all know the money has to come from somewhere. The lions share of which will most likely come out of our wallets one way or another.

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