For years, I had to go to my in-law's place outside of Springfield, Massachusetts to take advantage of my Big Y Express Card fuel savings. I racked up useless Big Y Express gas savings for a long time, because there are no Big Y Express gas stations anywhere in Connecticut. Finally, they're slowly nudging into our state.

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Connecticut is littered with convenience store/gas stations, Cumberland Farms is the big dog, but I'm partial to the locally-owned Mitchell gas stations. One thing I love at any gas station is a price-reducing fuel loyalty program. Yes, I am a Smartpay member at Cumby, but I do the majority of my grocery shopping at Big Y. I think I spend at least $500 a month there. I've racked up pretty substantial savings at the Big Y Express pumps, when I'm in Massachusetts. That's slowly changing, and I like it.


Two new Big Y Express Fuel and Convenience locations are opening up in Connecticut this July. According to, one will open at 580 Main Street in Somers, and another at 241 Hazard Ave in Enfield.

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Connecticut has 4 Big Y Express locations in Connecticut already, but only 1 along the shoreline, or anywhere South of Hartford. The only Southerly location is on the Post Road in Milford, while the other three operate in Manchester, Ellington, and Stafford.

The Northwest corner is in desperate need of more convenience/gas stations along 44 and 7, I hope that Big Y has plans for at least a couple of locations along those routes. Getting .30 or .40 cents off 14 gallons of gas adds up pretty quickly.

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