On July 3 at 4:04 pm I received a scary call from the so-called Social Security Administration.

Some robocalls can appear to be authentic. This is one of those calls! These particular dirtbag scammers are targeting senior citizens to get a hold of their social security checks. This is the robocall that I received from 1-800-025-6843.

This is the Social Security Administration. There is a legal case with some serious allegations that involve the D.E.A.  and your local police department. So whenever you get this message, please stay connected while your call will be transferred to a SSA administration officer. If you missed this call, dial  1-404-6700

There are two obvious issues at play here. The caller not only had a Russian accent but he did not leave an area code. The very first thing I do when a message like this is left on my cell is to Google the phone number which in most cases will confirm that it is a phone scam.

The Motley Fool website contains an excellent article with instructions about how to recognize a phone scam and what actions to take. Never give out your Social Security number or other key pieces of your personal information. You can also call the Social Security Administration and report the call at 800-772-1213.

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