The wildly popular Bethel Sharks have recently been spotted in the back seat of VW Beetle parading around town.

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As I'm checking the ctinsider website, I see a friend of mine, Amanda Riley, at the wheel of a white Volkswagen Beetle with non-other than the much talked about Bethel Sharks yucking it up in the back seat and flashing unique signs!

Robin Pace Caione
Robin Pace Caione

Yes, the 'social distancing sharks' are back spreading smiles of joy and goodwill throughout the town of Bethel. One hundred eighty members of the Bethel school system drove in several convoys parading around town with some waving signs showing their appreciation for Bethel teachers.

Bethel townspeople have fallen in love with these two lovable Disneyesque sharks as they wander the town, sometimes dancing in the aisles at the grocery store or simply strolling down Greenwood Ave. The big question townspeople are asking is, "Who are they?" Bethel resident, Hannah Lipman has taken on the role as the Sharks' spokesperson telling Hearst Connecticut Media,

Some people in town were trying to find out who they were and in some cases would get into high-speed chases to get back to their homes.

It seemed like everyone in town wanted to see them and become part of the Bethel Shark phenomena. They became overnight sensations, so Hannah started up a new open group FB page called 'Bethel Shark Sighting' where anyone can post stories and photos of their new favorite characters.


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