What kind of a human almost shoots a cat to death?!

Last Wednesday, June 3, at around 8 pm, someone decided to shoot a cat with an air pellet rifle in the Fleetwood Park area in Bethel, according to police. The 11-year-old cat's name is Noodledork, who suffered severe injuries.

The family had recently moved into the neighborhood and was told by various neighbors that other cats had also been victims of shootings. The family's veterinary bills to treat Noodledork were approximately $6,000 for the surgery that he needed, as was mentioned in a recently launched GoFundMe.

Noodledork Cuddling with Faye Bodnar - Photo Courtesy of GoFundMe page..
Noodledork Cuddling with Faye Bodnar - Photo Courtesy of GoFundMe page...

Mindi, the person who launched the GoFundMe page on behalf of Noodledork's family had this to say:

Stephanie, a single mother, and her daughter, Fayth had recently moved into their new home just one week prior. They love their cat more than anything in the world and immediately rushed him to Newtown Veterinary Specialist (NVS). Thankfully they were able to remove the bullet but surgery will still be needed to repair his shattered bones. The cost for his overnight care and procedure will cost $6,000 or more. If they cannot come up with the funds needed, they were advised to euthanize him but that is not an option to the Bodner family.

Prior to the injuries, Noodledork was an outdoor cat that would frequently wander the neighborhood greeting various neighbors along the way. On the evening of the shooting, according to ctinsider.com, the family reported the cat slowly walked through the door, limping and with blood on its paw and then collapsed. Noodledork's owner, Stephanie Bodnar told ctinsider,

My heart just dropped. My daughter and I were absolutely hysterical over it. Who shoots a family cat?

As of this writing, the GoFundMe effort has raised over $1,600.

The Bethel Police Department is asking for your help identifying the shooter. Anyone with any information related to this heinous act of animal abuse is asked to call Animal Control Officer Shanley at 203-778-7424 or email at sshanley@bethelpd.com.

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