A Bethel resident has waived his right to be indicted and has pleaded guilty to Heroin and Cocaine Distribution charges in New Haven.

The charges came about after two separate women overdosed at the Bethel residence of Paul Mignani, 51. The incidents occurred in July, and December 2016.

According to a press release we received from the Department of Justice, Mignani, 51, plead guilty yesterday before U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Alker Meyer to one count of possession with intent to distribute, and distribution of, heroin and cocaine.

Mignani was arrested, and has been detained since his arrest on a federal criminal complaint since December 28, 2016.

Judge Meyer has scheduled Mignani's sentencing for June 20, 2017. Mignani faces a maximum term of 20 years imprisonment.

Reading this makes you wonder how Mignani was able to circumvent the long arm of the law after the first incident in July of last year. Perhaps the December overdose could have been avoided?

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