On January 14, Bethel High freshman Olivia Hirsch, an up-and-coming singer/songwriter, stood on Bethel High's auditorium stage in front of a packed house of students and launched into a song written by Lauren Spencer Smith. Titled "Finger's Crossed."

According to a post on yourhop.com, she was singing to an instrumental piano track, but the music suddenly stopped cold during her performance. She stood alone on the stage with no music to accompany her, but Olivia kept her cool and continued singing.

That's when the magic began to happen. After a few moments of singing by herself, you could hear the piano start up again quietly in the background. Then, within seconds, her classmates were seen moving an actual piano onto the stage with fellow musician Ethan Smith playing the melody so Olivia could finish the song with piano accompaniment.

While everything was unfolding, Olivia's mom, Vicki, recorded her performance which she downloaded to TikTok. Within two hours, the video went viral with over 4 million views, a million likes, and 8,000 comments!

Olivia told her friends and family that she assumed the track had started playing again. A senior at Bethel High, Smith won a Musical Theater Songwriting Challenge last October for his song, "Some People Just Die."

Olivia Hirsch has performed at the Ridgefield Playhouse, Mohegan Sun Arena, and The Bitter End in New York City.


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