The arrival of a Rush album was always an event, something to be enjoyed as a complete thing.

Their earliest music was often framed by interlocking, even side-long themes, but even as they moved to a more song-focused approach, Rush studio projects continued to sell in the millions.

So, how do you pick the best song from every Rush album when they've always been known for long-form successes? Ten of the 14 albums they released between 1974-91 went platinum or multi-platinum in the U.S; the run of gold-selling albums from Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart reached even further into the '90s.

Often you have to make hard choices; other times, you have to dig around some. Certain moments stand out, even on lengthier song cycles like 1976's 2112. Eventually, they began releasing a string of radio favorites, but Rush were just as apt to keep their best tunes tucked away as a deep cut. (They actually issued around 20 singles before finally reaching the Billboard Top 40, and they never did it again after 1982's No. 21 hit "New World Man.")

There were a few stumbles, but Rush always found their way back. And they got there by leveraging celebrated chops in service of great tunes. Turns out Rush's craftsmanship is just as amazing on the macro and micro levels. But which ones rose to the top? Ryan Reed takes a deep dive to determine the best song from every Rush album.

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