Saturday night, October the 27th of 2018 the Ethan and Lou show are headed to Muphy's Pub. Costumes, prizes, live music from Future Tense and the Ethan and Lou show. JOIN US! But watch us talk about it first:

It's one of my favorite nights of the year. You get to be a whole other person. I actually like just being me so I don't often dress up, BUT I do love people watching. It's my favorite sport and there is no better night of the year to watch the people than Halloween.

We're gonna get "nuts to butts" and pack the place, we are going to sweat, we are gonna dance, we are gonna laugh. Whatever plans you thought you had for Halloween, you JUST changed them. The I-95 Howlin's Halloween Party with Ethan and Lou brought to you by life and things. Come on out, view our gigantic heads and party Saturday October 27th at Murphy's Pub.

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