If you're getting ready to begin your college journey or you're in college and haven't decided on a major, read this.

Zippia.com, the career experts, just released their Best Entry Level Jobs for Connecticut College Grads. Zippia's methodology included the following criteria:

  1. Job Availability
  2. Location
  3. Salary
  4. Potential for Growth
  5. Jobs in CT That Require a College Education
  6. Projected Growth as an Industry Over the Next 10 Years

Let's break down each one of the jobs listed in the article:

  • 1


    What in holy hell is a Epic Consultant? Simply put, an EC is someone who organizes, plans, and prioritizes work or updates and disseminates work info.

    College Major - Computer Science

    Starting Salary - $59,880

  • 2


    A Process Engineer is someone who makes decisions and solves problems in the work place. They interpret data to help form decisions.

    College Major - Industrial Engineering

    Starting Salary - $58,420

  • 3


    A Counselor provides general genetic counseling by collecting appropriate family and clinical information necessary for risk assessment.

    College Major - Masters Degree in School Counseling

    Starting Salary - $28,320

  • 4


    A Business Analyst analyzes data and information while creating clear and concise business requirements documents.

    College Major - Bachelor's Degree or Masters in Business Administration

    Starting Salary - $53,680

  • 5


    A Job Coach is someone who helps people with career development, professional goals, and longterm workplace success.

    College Major - Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling

    Starting Salary - $26,960

  • 6


    Case Managers help people who are in difficult situations with advice along with helping them find the help they need. Case managers work in many aspects of people's lives like those with disabilities, addicts, nursing, or the homeless.

    College Major - Bachelor's Degree in Human Services, Gerontology, or Social Work

    Starting Salary - $28,000

  • 7


    The Resident Advisor is to provide support, encouragement and leadership to his/her community. The RA should be able to empower his/her residents to grow and develop as good citizens.

    College Major - High School Diploma or Bachelor's Degree

    Starting Salary - $19,680

  • 8


    A DBA directs and performs all activities related to maintaining a successful database environment. They are in charge with the creation, maintenance, backups, querying, and security of the company's database.

    College Major - Usually a Bachelor's Degree in Management Information Systems

    Starting Salary - $48,380

  • 9


    A Web Developer creates and maintains web sites and are responsible for the site's technical aspects such as performance and capacity. A Web Developer can sometimes be responsible for the site's content.

    College Major - Associates Degree in Web Design

    Starting Salary - $36,900

  • 10


    Systems Administrators are responsible for their company's computer networks which includes the day-to-day operations, installation, and maintenance of the networks.

    College Major - Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

    Starting Salary - $57,000

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