Dr. Santo Buccheri lost his battle with COVID-19 on June 27, after spending 45 days on a ventilator.

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According to an article in the Hartford Courant, he was one of those doctors who never had an issue with his bedside manner. He was loved and respected by his patients because he always made them feel at ease with his gentle patience and conversational style. 

COVID-19 cases began spiking in May, and that's when Buccheri became sick with the virus. He immediately self quarantined, but as his condition worsened, he was taken by ambulance to Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, where he spent 45 days on a respirator and died from coronavirus complications.

Everyone must wear a respirator before leaving the house to protect against Covid-19's virus and germs.
Rattankun Thongbun

My objective for writing this article is two-fold. I'm asking you kindly to please, please, please wear a mask when you walk into a grocery store, deli, or anyplace where people are congregating. Statistics have shown us that older adults are more susceptible to the virus BUT, COVID-19 doesn't discriminate when it comes to age. The following Connecticut residents have also sadly lost their lives to the virus.

  1. Jonathan Coelho, 32, Bethel
  2. Yasmine Pena, 18, Waterbury
  3. Angeline Bernadel, 52, Stratford
  4. Torrin Howard, 26, Waterbury
  5. Mike O'Brien, 28, Wolcott
  6. Jerry Reveron, 57, Watertown
  7. Ronaldo Ferrari, 42, Berlin

I'll admit, I hate wearing a mask, but I do it to protect myself, my family, and my sweet 3-year-old and 8-year-old grandchildren Winter and Bradley.

Bradley and Winter - Photo by Ethan
Bradley and Winter - Photo by Ethan

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