It seems like every week we're reporting stores either closing or going into bankruptcy. Today, it's more bad news for Bed Bath and Beyond.

Last year, the New Jersey based company started shutting down some of their stores, and said more stores would close in the early part of 2020. Well, they have kept their promise, and are now shutting down 40 more stores including one in Connecticut.

Fortunately, at least for now, the two local stores in Danbury, on Sugar Hollow Road, and the Brookfield location on Candlewood Lake road will remain open. The one Connecticut store that will be closing is the location in Shelton.

According to the company themselves, the Shelton, CT location no longer meets customer standards.

Even though 14 locations closed in 2019 and another 40 were announced this week, the company still says it will be closing 60 stores overall across all of their brands. All of that is expected to happen in the first half of this year.

So while the folks working in the Danbury and Brookfield locations can breathe a little sigh of relief for now, their fate is still hanging in the balance when the rest of the closings are announced later in 2020. Stay tuned.

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