Just when you think that Moose stories are taking the lead in 'What's interesting in Connecticut' news, a scary bear encounter comes along. Yesterday morning a hungry bear scared the hell out of employees at a bakery/coffee shop in Avon, and it apparently was spellbound by coconut cake and cupcakes.

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Taste by Spellbound is located at 220 West Main Street(Rt. 44) in Avon, with additional locations in West Hartford, and South Windsor. Yesterday morning at 8:47AM, Taste by Spellbound made an announcement on their social media stating that the South Windsor location would be opening late, because "Never did I think I'd say this but we had a bear come into our bakery and charge one of our ladies. We're safe but the cupcakes aren't."

In a follow-up post last night, Taste by Spellbound filled in the blanks by explaining that the incident happened in the loading dock area in the rear of their Avon location. An employee was loading some product into one of their transit vans, and found that a bear had snuck in to the garage, and it was staring at her from the other side of the van. The terrified employee, identified as Maureen, made a mad dash inside and barricaded the door. Meanwhile, the bear apparently barricaded itself by moving a fridge in front of it's side of the door, so it could enjoy '60 cupcakes and a bunch of coconut cake'.

Another employee, Lisa, got the bear to take off finally by driving her car around back and laying on the horn like someone behind a truck going up Avon mountain.

No pictures, no video, but a hell of a story.

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