The oldest, continuously operated movie theater in Connecticut is the Bantam Cinema & Arts Center. The Cinema temporarily shut down through the pandemic, but recently re-opened and held it's first public movie showings on Halloween weekend with George A. Romero's horror classic Night of the Living Dead.

One of the special things that Bantam Cinema does throughout the year is host filmmakers and actors in Q&A sessions with attendees, following a screening of their film. You may recall their most famous Q&A in 2012, when Oscar-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis showed up at Bantam Cinemas, and spoke with the audience after a special showing of his latest movie, Steven Spielberg's epic Lincoln.

For their next event, Bantam Cinema will hold a special viewing of the new National Geographic Documentary Film "Fauci", and the film's director, multiple Emmy award-winner John Hoffman, will be there to answer attendee's questions afterwards.

Here's the Official Trailer for the film -

"Fauci" is described as "A glimpse into infectious disease specialist Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has led the U.S. fight against every epidemic the country has faced - from AIDS to SARS to Ebola, and the ongoing COVID-19." The film features some very recognizable names, including George W. Bush, Bono, and Bill Gates.

I love documentaries, and Fauci Director, and future Bantam Cinema guest, John Hoffman, has worked on some of my all-time favorites. Hoffman was the series producer for The Alzheimer's Project, supervising producer for episodes of HBO's superior Taxicab Confessions & Real Sex, and was also the executive producer for the incredible Last Letters Home: Voices of American Troops From the Battlefields of Iraq.

Bantam Cinema's showing of Fauci, featuring a Q&A with the film's director John Hoffman is happening at 7PM on Friday, December 3, 2021. For tickets, click HERE

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I happened to be awake for the partial lunar eclipse on Friday morning (11/19/21), I'm always awake, and out of the house around 4 am for work but I nearly missed it. I knew about it the celestial event but I forgot when I woke up. Then, I was driving down Route 7 towards Brookfield, CT headed for the I-95 studio and the sight punched me in the face. I saw one of the most brilliant and vivid moon scenes in my life. What jumped out at me was how well I could see the shape of the moon. The eclipse itself transformed the moon from a circle into a sphere for me, it made me feel small and insignificant in the best way possible. While the lunar eclipse was a show worth seeing, it was not the only day the moon was working magic on anyone willing to look up, there has been a show in the sky for the past few weeks. I snapped a few photos of the moon's majesty last week (11/16/21), posted one and asked the Ethan and Lou Radio Show (I-95) listeners to share theirs, this is what they sent me. 


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