Officials at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury are looking into the possibility of large gatherings of college students during the weekend of September 14.

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Paul Steinmetz, Director of University and Community Relations for WCSU, told Hearst Connecticut Media that the university has not confirmed any gatherings, but saw "chatter" about off-campus get-togethers.

Courtesy of WCSU FB Page...
Courtesy of WCSU FB Page...

It's important to note there are no confirmed positive cases of coronavirus at the university, according to Steinmetz, which is not the case at the University of Connecticut and Central Connecticut State University, according to an article on Several students from UCONN were removed from their dorms in the middle of August, pending an investigation into a dorm party.

WCSU officials have remained vigilant by patrolling the campus and the dorm areas to ensure WCSU students are not gathering in large numbers and adhering to current COVID-19 protocol. Western would like to make sure that students are aware if they choose to break the rules, they may face harsh penalties. Here is what Paul Steinmetz told Hearst Connecticut Media back in August,

Rule-breakers get one warning, but the second time could face penalties as severe as suspension. This applies to students who live off-campus, as well.

I can't imagine my years at Ithaca College not being able to mix with friends because of a pandemic, not to mention having to wear a face mask whenever you leave your dorm. It most certainly cuts down on the fun-factor of being out on your own.

Unfortunately, for now, it's a new reality. I firmly believe this is no hoax and that the only conceivable way to keep the coronavirus at bay is to follow the advice of the CDC until a proven vaccine becomes available. Hang in there, WestConn students, and make it a great year!

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