Embrace the arts and embrace the visual beauty that it offers, as well as the chance to challenge your mind. Summer arrives June 21, and you need to find things to do. I'm here to give you a few hints.

There is nothing quite like being out and about and stumbling on a work of Art. Rather than just coming upon it out of the blue, here's a list of spots around the Danbury area that will be featuring the work of local artists from the Danbury, Bethel, Newtown, Sandy Hook, Norwalk, and New York area.

Opening on June 26, and running through Aug. 18 is the 10th season of Accessible Art Exhibitions, with help from the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut. This program gives you the chance to casually take in creativity at various venues, instead of making a point to hit up a museum. While a art museum is a wonderful thing, there is something special about a casual approach to viewing.

Eight visual art shows in eight different places can be found at:

  • Danbury City Hall, 155 Deer Hill Avenue (203-797-4511)
  • Mothership Bakery & Cafe, 331 Main Street (203-417-6914)
  • Danbury Public Library, 170 Main Street (203-797-4505)
  • YMCA's ESCAPE to the Arts, 293 Main Street (203-794-1413)
  • CityCenter Danbury, 268 Main Street (203-792-1711)
  • Filosa/Hancock Hall, 31 Staples Street (203-794-9466)
  • Bethel Public Library, 189 Greenwood Avenue (203-794-8756)
  • Hodge Insurance Agency, 283 Main Street (203-792-2323)

The times at each of the venues will vary, so you are asked to call ahead. If you'd like more information about Accessible Art, you can call, 203-798-0760 or go online to artswesternct.org

There is beauty all around us, so make time to embrace it and those that help to create it. Family coming to visit, kids looking for something to do? Here's eight different chances to enjoy various bodies of local artist's work.

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