According to Reuters, Ruby Tuesday filed for bankruptcy in 2020. After the Chapter 11 filing, the company began to shave a lot of dead weight. Rentech says there are 227 locations left in the U.S which is way down from 2009 when they had over 800 locations according to Restaurant Business.

Ruby Tuesday has zombie locations all across the country which have become destinations for Youtubers exploring abandoned restaurants (see below). It was one of those videos that got me to wondering, does Connecticut have any RT's left?

If you are a Ruby Tuesday lover who lives in Connecticut, there is good, and bad news. The good news is, it appears there are some Nutmeg State restaurants left behind. The bad news is there are not many. Connecticut is home to just three Ruby Tuesday restaurants.

According to "THE WEB", you can dine at Tuesdays in:

It's been so long since I blew out my stomach at a Ruby T's that I forgot what is on their menu but I went and pulled some stats from the online menu.

Here are some of their "New & Featured" menu offerings:

  • T-Bone Steak - 16 ounces of dead cow and sweet delicious juices
  • Loaded Potato Skins - Crispy potatoes topped with melted cheddar AKA express pass to Type 2 diabetes
  • New York Strip - For the suckers who can't down the 16 oz. T-Bone
  • Deconstructed Kabobs - Grilled beef tips with zucchini (Not all heroes wear capes)
  • Ruby's Signature Sampler - That is like two of each appetizer so your kids are sure to have a fight over the chicken fangers (intentional spelling)
  • Hickory Bourbon Chicken Double - If one sauced chicken patty does not do the trick, you get the deuce
  • Chicken Wangs - A cheat day staple
  • Chicken Parm Hoagie - They put that on the menu so you have proof they're not out of touch.

There are more but I lost interest after the kabobs. 

BONUS: Join the Ruby Rewards Program to rack up points and score enough free meals to push your (BMI) Body Mass Index over 150.

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Thoughts and prayers to the entire Ruby Tuesday nation.

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