Father’s Day is Sunday, and with that on the brain, I started thinking about the dads that work in our building. Pretty much at the same time, an article about working dads came to my attention. Expert researchers published the results of a state by state study regarding which states are best for working dads.

They found that 93 percent of fathers with young children are working, so this is important stuff. While comparing New York and Connecticut to other states, the question is: how good are they for working dads? WalletHub studied all 50 states, and the District of Columbia, to determine 2018's Best & Worst. Here's how WalletHub calculated the rankings:

1) Economic & Social Well-Being for Dads -- Median Income, Unemployment Rates

2) Work-Life Balance -- Amount of Parental Leave, Average Workday, Length of Commute

3) Child Care -- Quality, Cost, and Availability

4) The Health of Dads in General in the State

As for our results: New York was ranked as the 17th best state for working dads. The Nutmeg state, (drum role please), Connecticut was ranked the #1 BEST state for working dads in the survey! Happy Father's Day to all who are celebrating!

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