So, you're a 65-year-old dude, and you've decided that stripping naked in public on a weekday afternoon in the town of New Canaan is the way to go. Interesting.   

According to an article in the Putnam Daily Voice, the alleged culprit was Daniel Dobbins of South Salem. A private citizen, who was obviously offended by the 65-year-old's nudity, called the New Canaan police to report this heinous offense. Police say that they arrived around 4:30 pm and found Mr. Dobbins sitting in his car with his pants and his shirt covering his junk.

Mr. Dobbins claimed he was stark, buck-naked due to a medical condition. When I checked to find out if New Canaan had a law banning public nudity in town, I wasn't able to locate an official ruling, but I did find these headlines which gave me my answer:

  1. "Norwalk Woman Arrested for Walking Naked in New Canaan" (2012)
  2. "Nude New Canaan Sunbather Ticketed" (2014)

It appears to me that New Canaan citizens are making a half-hearted attempt to accept nudity as a common practice. Meanwhile, Mr. Dobbins was issued a misdemeanor summons for second-degree breach of peace. He's been ordered to appear in court fully clothed on June 2.

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