Here's the musings of an only child, and an adopted one at that, on a day that celebrates sisters and brothers.

While growing up as an only child had many advantages, to me there will always be a hole in my heart with the longing for siblings. And of course as an adopted child, I have always wondered about the possibility of having a sister or brother.

Life is precious and short, and no doubt we should take every moment to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us. Even as an only child, I love the story behind the creation of National Siblings Day.

It's extremely important to note that National Siblings Day was founded by Claudia Evart in 1995. Evart, who lost both her siblings at a young age, chose the April 10th date in honor of her late sister, and she started the Siblings Day Foundation. The foundation's mission is:

The initial goal of the Siblings Day Foundation (SDF) is to establish a national day of recognition for brothers and sisters, to be called National Siblings day, held annually on April 10th. Siblings Day follows the spirit of Mother’s and Father’s Day, an uplifting celebration honoring people who have helped in our development and who have shaped our values, beliefs and ideals.

What stood out as particularly poignant to me was this portion:

Further the SDF seeks to unite and reunite siblings who may have been separated by distance, by circumstance, by birth and adoption or interpersonal familial issues

I have to add that as an only child, I have always felt a strong connection to my family of friends and am blessed every day to have them in my life. Sometimes the family you get to choose is better.

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